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march 1

Welcome to the world of Qwertyuiop! Thanks for stopping by. Whatever your reason is for coming here---curiosity, wrong link, stumbled upon this page in your mad dash to escape from the gates of Hades---we're glad you're here. Qwertyuiop is the Internet's hottest new drama, and we want you to be here as the greatest form of web entertainment begins to unravel itself.

So kick off your shoes and sit right down. Loosen up that pretty French gown. And point and click your way through this easy to follow Qwertyuiop web site. New to the series? Too bad we don't have the time to bother explaining everything to you. You should have gotten here sooner, ya dip. A loyal viewer from the Prodigy or America Online services, or the previous version of this site? New episodes are supposed to be here, but if we'll feel like updating the soap this week is anyone's guess.


New episodes are posted every Friday evening. After that, each episode is promptly shipped to a nearby slaughterhouse, where it is butchered and used as filler in hotdogs.

Oh, you're leaving so soon? Well, good riddance. We don't want you here anyway if you're not smart enough to figure out how to get back to the main page on your own.

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